Scott Seyfarth ● CV (pdf)

I'm a linguist with research interests in phonetics, psycholinguistics, and laboratory phonology.

I study voicing and non-modal phonation, phonetic enhancement and reduction, and psycholinguistic models of speech production. I'm also interested in the mental representation of linguistic morphology.


Seyfarth, S., Vander Klok, J., & Garellek, M. (2019). Evidence against interactive effects on articulation in Javanese verb paradigms. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. [ doi ] [ paper (pdf) ] [ data & analysis ]

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buckeye Python package for working with the Buckeye Corpus

tgre Python package for reading and writing Praat TextGrids in Python

Praat annotation script for more efficient manual TextGrid annotation

voicequality R package with the acoustic and EGG measurements from the UCLA Voice Quality Project